• Divorce & Family Law

    Sinclair Family Law's family law solicitors can provide assistance for a range of matters relating to family law and de facto relationships, including: Marriage, De Facto and Divorce Law Prenuptial agreements (prenups) Divorce in Australia … Continue Reading…

    Divorce & Family Law
  • Property Settlement

    Do I have to be divorced to split the property? As soon as you have separated you can make arrangements to split your property and debts between you and your ex partner, you do not have to wait until you are divorced. Do we have to go to … Continue Reading…

    Property Settlement

    Australian law focuses on the rights of children to have an ongoing relationship with both parents so that separating from your partner or spouse doesn’t mean that you are separating from your child or children. Although the terms ‘custody’, … Continue Reading…

  • Wills & Estate Planning

    Planning for your family’s future after you’re gone is a really important legal task. If you take the time now to make an effective legally binding Will and Testament you can save your family not only stress but money in what will undoubtedly be a … Continue Reading…

    Wills & Estate Planning

Welcome to Sinclair Family Law

Cairns lawyer

There are times in life when you need the help of legal professionals who care.

Here at Sandra Sinclair Lawyers (incorporating Sinclair Family Law) we have a compassionate approach towards our clients who are often dealing with some of the most difficult situations life can serve up:

  • Relationship breakdowns and property settlements
  • Death of a loved one
  • Appearing in Family or Federal Circuit Court
  • Buying or selling a home (conveyancing)
  • Negotiating a mortgage
  • Leases and other commercial transactions
  • Wills and Deceased estates – including contested estate matters

Even dealing with the everyday legal tasks associated with your business, aging parents, traffic fines or planning for the future can be stressful and our team are here to help with sound legal advice to help you find your way through.

As a small team of dedicated professionals we aim to provide a friendly, family atmosphere with a reputation for timely, personalised service.

Contact us to arrange a consultation with an experienced Brisbane and Cairns solicitor and conveyancer.